“Here Ye / Hear Ye” – 21st Century Politics are for societies that thrive on having large iron nose rings inserted at birth (metaphorically speaking of course), so it’s more convenient for the Politicians to fiendishly jerk us around at their whim. If you feel this way about modern-day American politics, then you have found a home. Welcome.


Beware: I will be sharing ideas that can change Politics as we know it, but in a good way!

The bad news is… You must actually read what I post and then consider the pros and cons. Instead of begging people to get involved in politics I’m going to demand that you get involved. You can tell me to go to Hell if you want, I don’t care. I’m doing this because our Political system is broken, and when something is broken you end up with two choices… Fix it, or ditch it. And I’ll be damned if we ditch our Constitution or our Bill of Rights. We can fix them only after first setting the political table. So yes, even in the upside-down World that we live in, we must put the proverbial Horse up-front pulling the Cart, even before we start any discussions about making changes to those incredibly important documents.

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