Change The Paradigm Of Politics In America

As with everything in life, you gotta start somewhere before you can move your journey forward, and changing how we Politic in the USA has to start somewhere. So…… off we go.

What would you say if I told you that there is a way to deal with Politicians, and their Political Parties, so they do minimal damage to our country? I imagine a few of you would chuckle at the idea and some had your skepticism level going up by a few degrees. That’s alright, the same thing happened to me…. at first.

Think about it, how great would it be if you tuned-in to a TV News or even a Radio News broadcast program, and you didn’t have to listen to never-ending gutter fighting Politics? Especially with the TV News outlets, imagine if their News programming was reduced to about 5 minutes or less, of the normal Political coverage. As it stands now, most of the Cable News outlets use anywhere from 50-70 percent of their programming just on POLITICS. Wouldn’t it be great to see that coverage drop to let’s say 15 percent? However, in order to have the wanted effect we would have to make one monumental move…. abolish all Political Parties from the USA.

A few years ago there was an attempt to try something similar but it missed the mark completely. It was/is called ‘The No-Name Party’. Pretty lame as far as Party names go. They missed the mark because having ‘Any-Name Party‘ listed as an Officially named Political Party is what is destroying America. No Political Parties means just that… No damned Political Parties. Period.

The political damage being done to the USA has all to do with politics, and when you are talking about politics you are talking about the two controlling Political Parties in America, the Democrat, and the Republican Parties. To a lesser extent we also have the Libertarian Party in a distant 3rd place, to be followed by the Green Party, then the Constitution Party (was my personal fav). After these there are over 25, lesser in significance…. Parties. But as we all know, the big Dogs are the Dems and Republicans.

To be continued…



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